BAU 2021

03/12/2021 - 04/12/2021

The Belgian Association of Urology Congress will take place in the Hilton Antwerpen and is organised by the BVU.
Info & registrations on www.urobelgica.be.

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Réunion éthique et économie

21/10/2021 - 21/10/2021
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Réunion des mémoires SBU

12/06/2021 - 12/06/2021
Liège  -  Belgium
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ESU-ESUT-ERUS Virtual Masterclass on partial nephrectomy

10/06/2021 - 11/06/2021

Enrich your knowledge on partial nephrectomy (PN) for the management of renal tumours. Explore the latest advancements (e.g. indication, planning, surgical approaches and intraoperative tools) that allow the realisation of precision surgery for maximisation of oncological and functional results.

ASCO Annual Online Meeting 2021

04/06/2021 - 08/06/2021

The 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting will be an online only experience, June 4-8, 2021. ASCO’s robust scientific and education programs will be held simultaneously June 4-8. Our meeting platform will provide attendees with live and on-demand access to top caliber scientific research presentations and slides.

ESU-ESUI Virtual masterclass on prostate biopsy

03/06/2021 - 04/06/2021

Organised by the European School of Urology (ESU) and and the EAU Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI) this masterclass delivers vital updates on how to perform prostate biopsy and achieve optimal results.

You can expect in-depth coverage of the technical potential and limitations of prostate biopsy and MRI imaging.

Virtual ESU-ESUT-ESUI Masterclass on Focal therapy for localised prostate cancer

06/05/2021 - 07/05/2021

Focal Therapy (FT) is a promising treatment option aimed at improving the management of localised prostate cancer.
This masterclass will provide you with an extensive review of the rationale for FT, the patient selection modalities and the available
energy sources (HIFU, Cryo, IRE, Laser, Brachytherapy). Gain further knowledge and better understand the FT benefits.

UROwebinar: Bulbar urethral stricture management

13/04/2021 - 13/04/2021

Dr. F. Campos Juanatey (ES)
Ms. T.J. Greenwell (GB)
Dr. S.C. Morgenstern (DE)
Dr. M. Waterloos (BE)

18:30 - 19:30 CET

UROwebinar: Robotic cystectomy and diversion: An update

25/03/2021 - 25/03/2021

This webinar will take the form of a video-based course on robot-assisted cystectomy in bladder cancer. Several techniques will be demonstrated, including male cystectomy with and without nerve-sparing technique as well as female cystectomy with and without organ-sparing technique. Intracorporeal technique for illegal conduit and intracorporeal neobladder will also be presented. The latest update on Oncological functional outcomes and complications will be discussed.

19:00 - 20:00 CET

UROwebinar: Outstanding challenges in medical treatment of Male LUTS/BPE

23/03/2021 - 23/03/2021

Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are highly prevalent, cause bother and impair quality of life (QoL). LUTS can be divided into storage, voiding and post-micturition symptoms and are often perceived as a normal process of ageing. An increasing awareness of LUTS is warranted to discuss management options that could increase QoL. These include conservative, medical and surgical treatment. In the upcoming webinar, we discuss mono- and combination medical treatment options for male LUTS. We aim to provide different clinical scenarios which should help to understand current pharmacological treatment options according to the EAU guidelines for non-neurogenic male LUTS.

18:30 - 19:30 CET

UROwebinar: Prostate biopsy and infectious complications

11/03/2021 - 11/03/2021

Prostate biopsy is the gold standard diagnosis of prostate cancer. In the last years various pivotal developments and changes have made urologists to re-think how to best perform prostate biopsies. Urologists face increasing rates of infectious complications due to raising antibiotic resistance, withdrawal of fluoroquinolones for prophylaxis due to side effects, and more men having risk factors in their practices.

18:30 - 19:30 CET

UROwebinar: Management of Paediatric urolithiasis

09/03/2021 - 09/03/2021

Urolithiasis in children is an infrequent, yet bothersome issue. Active treatment indications are those of the adults, but paediatric population deserve a more gentle approach due to its special features.

Shock wave lithotripsy has classically been, and still seems to be, the preferred treatment option, although endoscopic techniques have progressively been added in the last years mostly due to technological improvements, mainly miniaturization. Genetic factors are important in paediatric urolithiasis with higher frequency of cystine stones, and dietary and medical management may also be challenging.

18:30 - 19:30 CET

BAU 2020

11/12/2020 - 12/12/2020

The Belgian Association of Urology Congress will take place in The Square Brussels.
Info & registrations will be available soon

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EAU Update on prostate cancer

12/09/2020 - 13/09/2020

Welcome to PCa20 Madrid

Insight and skilled decision-making are crucial in prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis and treatment. The 4th EAU Update on Prostate Cancer, to be held from 12-13 September in Madrid, Spain, addresses this challenge with an expert-led meeting that is both comprehensive and compact.

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EUREP20 - 18th European Urology Residents Education Programme

04/09/2020 - 09/09/2020

Under the guidance of a distinguished faculty of experts, a total of five modules will be allocated in six days. Mornings will be reserved for lectures and lively discussions, and afternoons will be dedicated to videos and test-your-knowledge sessions.

Participants will also have the exclusive opportunity to learn-by-doing through hands-on training courses, which will boost their skills in laparoscopy, ureteroscopy and transurethral resection. These courses are a fundamental component of EUREP with varying levels depending on a participant’s proficiency.

EUREP20 is definitely a not-to-be-missed programme!

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50th Annual Meeting of the International Continence Society

26/08/2020 - 29/08/2020

We welcome you to Las Vegas for the 50th ICS Annual Meeting and 7th International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI), 26-29 August, 2020.

ICS is the world premier multidisciplinary scientific society bringing the best, the newest and the most advanced techniques for the study and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse and LUTS. We have an outstanding line-up of concurrent sessions and hands-on workshops, state-of-the-art lectures and videos. In addition, our exhibitors will present the latest in technology. You can now view the preliminary programme.

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EAU20 Virtual - 35th Annual EAU Congress

17/07/2020 - 21/07/2020

EAU20 to go virtual this coming summer!
It is with great regret that, after lengthy deliberation and considering all information currently available to us, the Board and Executive of the European Association of Urology have to announce the cancellation of the 35th Annual EAU Congress July, 17 – 21, 2020.

To make sure that you do not miss out on the important scientific updates in urology, we will host a series of interactive virtual meetings presenting all the highlights of EAU20 around the time that the congress was scheduled to take place. In the meantime, all EAU20 abstracts and surgical videos will soon become available online via the EAU20 Resource Centre. More information on these virtual activities will be provided in the coming months.

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29/06/2020 - 03/07/2020

The ESU-Weill Cornell Masterclass in General urology is a collaborative programme between the European School of Urology and Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Designed for young urologists with an academic profile, the week-long masterclass is a high-level programme on general urology.

The programme covers topics in the subjects of urinary tract cancer, infections, urolithiasis, benign prostatic hyperplasia/overactive bladder and reconstructive urology with tests taking place before and after the Masterclass to gauge the participants’ progress.

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ESU Course on trauma in urology and reconstructive urology

19/06/2020 - 19/06/2020
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19/06/2020 - 20/06/2020

Field experts designed this masterclass to offer a comprehensive theoretical, practical and hands-on training to surgeons who want to master and update his/her stone-management practice. Learn more about the complications and troubleshooting in stone surgery and special management of demanding cases.

This masterclass will emphasise on the metabolic evaluation of urolithiasis, indications, new technologies, and tips and tricks for the most commonly employed operations; and offer several highly-informative semi-live surgeries and hands-on training.

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The Prostate Days: diagnostic & intervention

17/06/2020 - 18/06/2020

Objectives :

  • Be able to accurately use the PIRADS 2020 version v2.1
  • Know the techniques of MRI-directed TRUS guided targeted biopsies
  • Understand why targeted biopsies may replace systematic biopsies and become a standard of care
  • Learn how to identify signs of tumor extra-prostatic extension
  • Be able to evaluate node and bone staging of high-risk tumors
  • Know how to detect signs of local recurrence after radical treatment
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04/06/2020 - 05/06/2020

Fine-tune your skills and broaden your knowledge in this masterclass where relevant, minimally-invasive alternatives for BPO treatment will be unveiled.

  • New expert techniques: gain valuable insight on the latest techniques on new minimally-invasive procedures for BPO through theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Individual mentorship: modules on instrument handling and hands-on training on dedicated stations enable our mentors to provide you guidance and skills assessment.
  • Live surgeries and brainstorming: Deliberate with fellow experts, and examine live surgeries and recordings of actual cases to assess current approaches and stimulate new ones.
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BMUC 2020

13/03/2020 - 14/03/2020

7th Belgian Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers

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7th Course on Genitourinary Presthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

12/03/2020 - 13/03/2020


USANZ 2020

07/03/2020 - 10/03/2020


BAU 2019

29/11/2019 - 30/11/2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to invite you to Oostende for the 19th edition of the annual congress of the Belgian Association of Urology (BAU), taking place on Friday 29 & Saturday 30 November 2019 at Kursaal Oostende.

Theme of this year is “New trends in Urology”. Many national and international faculty members will share their expertise on subjects like Endoscopy, stones & UTI, urology & society and bladder and renal cancer. These and other topics will make it a fascinating program for all urologists who want to stay up to date.

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BAU 2018

28/11/2018 - 29/11/2018

The Belgian Association of Urology congress takes place in the Dolce La Hulpe on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 Nov 2018.

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Journée des Mémoires et Assemblée Générale 2021

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