EAU Guidelines Office Rapid Reaction Group: An organisation-wide collaborative effort to adapt the EAU guidelines recommendations to the COVID-19 era

We face a truly unprecedented healthcare crisis. The COVID 19 pandemic is testing the resources and capacity of health systems around the world. Anaesthetists and theatre teams are being redeployed, Intensive Care Units are struggling with a surge in demand and our normal working patterns are being radically altered. In addition to this, a number of frontline staff are being affected as colleagues are removed from the workforce either because of “at risk” characteristics or are themselves become exposed to the virus and are going into self-isolation after the development of symptoms. As a result, we are all being forced to reconsider the appropriate course of action for patients dealing with urological issues. This brings into question if the latest guidelines based upon the best evidence and published less than three weeks ago are relevant in this crisis. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Guidelines Office has been working in in cooperation with the Executive Committee, the Section offices and others to set up a Rapid Reaction Group (GORRG).

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Download the ERUS Guidelines on dealing with robotic surgery during COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to time constraints, a rigorous review process has not been possible. These guidelines are the results of the scientific evidence present and are to be seen as a consensus of taking in account that all should be done to safeguard healthcare workers and optimal treatment for the patients.
I want to thank my co-workers Dr. Stefano Puliatti and Dr. Elio Mazzone for the great work in these guidelines.
Prof. Dr. A. Mottrie (On behalf of the EAU Robotic Urology Section)



Covid-19 Recommandations Urologiques AFU

Recommandations CCAFU sur la prise en charge des cancers de l’appareil urogénital en période d’épidémie au Coronavirus COVID-19.




Chers Confrères, Chères Consœurs,

Nous allons faire face à une crise sanitaire sans précédent, ayant pour conséquence une perturbation majeure de notre activité urologique, et ceci pendant plusieurs mois.

Le tableau présenté ici est un support afin de sélectionner les interventions devant être reportées ou maintenues. La situation peut changer dans les jours à venir selon la saturation des hôpitaux.

La SBU encourage les téléconsultations lorsque cela est possible (Code INAMI 101135).

Chaque report doit être évalué au cas par cas par clinicien en son âme et conscience.

Le CA de la SBU.

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